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In-home and online flooring services are offered by Dubai Floor Center, a leading brand in the industry. We offer a variety of services that cover every detail of your interior.

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Kitchen Furniture


There are many choices available on the market when it comes to kitchen furniture. There is something for everyone, from classic oak furniture to sleek, contemporary styles. Although kitchen furniture prices might be higher, you can discover fantastic prices on high-quality items that are within your budget by doing diligent research and comparison shopping. If you're shopping for kitchen furniture Dubai, there are many possibilities at various price ranges. You can construct a stunning and practical kitchen that will be the center of your house for many years with the appropriate design and supplies. Dubai floor center provides you with broad and top kitchen furniture design ideas based on the size and price range of your kitchen. Here, you'll learn about the many advantages of creating kitchen furniture to your specifications using materials that are convenient for you and elegantly planned. According to the customer's specifications for managing kitchen walls, we provide entire kitchen furniture design drawings. To acquire your kitchen's design drawings and cost estimate, get in touch with our designers right away. If you want to add Kitchen furniture Dubai to your kitchen to improve the aesthetic and make the furniture adaptable. According to customer needs, financial constraints, and kitchen measurements. Our Dubai center floor offers modular kitchen furniture. Here are some advantages of producing high-end modular kitchen furniture at a reasonable price. The best service for creating kitchen furniture that completely matches your kitchen wall may be found here. The size of the modular kitchen furniture Dubai itself, as well as the needs of the client, determine the kitchen furniture price that relies on how the kitchen's furnishings is constructed. According to the customer's specifications and kitchen measurements, our designers create your kitchen. We provide the best kitchen furniture price and design suggestions to our clients. Our greatest furniture designs may be collected for your kitchen.

Types Of Kitchen Furniture

Dubai Floor Centre provides a modern kitchen furniture design that combines form and function in a warm environment. The combination of modern kitchen materials is both enduring and simple to maintain. This straightforward yet unique style is highlighted by a sparsely decorated interior.

Patria Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen furniture is well-liked by our youths because it pays special attention to clearing clutter. This modern kitchen, which has a reputation for being stylish and streamlined, offers a variety of finishes that embrace both aesthetic and practicality.

Why Patria’s Kitchen

Exceptionally Strong A stress-free kitchen combines the convenience of environmentally responsible solutions with highly durable, practical, and nontoxic materials.

Weak Neutrals Natural light is abundant, and neutral and white tones compliment the modern architecture and timeless aesthetic.

Basic purity Millennials want things that are just a little bit simple. Without sacrificing its attractiveness, the kitchen exudes a sense of serenity.

Kitchen Countertops

The outcome of this appeal is Patria countertops. To endure high heat, pressure, and dampness, combine great technique and workmanship.

Tandenbox Drawers
Tandembox maximizes capacity by allowing full extension for the drawers to accommodate kitchenware of all sizes and shapes. It is more effective in how you utilize them because advanced technology frameworks are properly incorporated.

Kitchen Cabinets

Patria cabinets are available with soft-close hinges for smooth opening and shutting procedures that match the size of your storage space. Lift systems increase efficiency while creating an organized environment. Depending on your preferred theme, pick from a variety of beautiful designs.


Kitchens with a minimalist aesthetic have a unique look. This kitchen furniture blends beauty and functionality with its clean cabinets, neutral color scheme, and metallic accents. It has a wall-to-wall modular structure.


Complete Details

The design of our assortment of kitchens draws from a wide range of concepts. Every feature is designed to adapt in the sense of open space, whether it is the mood lighting above a backsplash or the understated brass installed in the cabinets.


The use of contrasts in combination is a classic trend for modular kitchens. Cut-out patterns are used to make a strong statement. Dark marble enhances your work surface, while crisp white walls balance the brightness and warmth.

Adaptive Innovation

combining unique craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to satisfy customers in the current day. A flow for maximum flexibility is immediately reflected by full-length cabinets, lever handles, concealed pull-outs, and shelving with a clean linear appearance.


Our kitchen countertops in Dubai are tough enough to hold up under pressure from hard objects, scalding temperatures, and moisture content. Each design benefits from the clean and natural stone appearance of simple accent hues.

  • Tandenbox Drawers

    Our Tandembox drawers offer soft-close mechanisms and a sleek appearance. The spatial distribution in each unit is excellent when taken as a whole. Long and thin movements indicate simple usage and permit full sight. Our built-in drawers work with any background, whether it be corners, garbage drawers, or the disused washbasin area.

  • Cabinet Furniture

    Install your new or existing cabinets with La Cucina by mixing and matching solid layouts. All depth sizes of fully completed cabinets are measured, and options for gentle opening and shutting are available. Lift systems increase efficiency while presenting a neat appearance..

  • Bamboo chick Blinds for the gallery add a characteristic and tasteful touch to your space.

Collection of Kitchen Furniture

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Balcony Blinds Dubai
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