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In-home and online flooring services are offered by Dubai Floor Center, a leading brand in the industry. We offer a variety of services that cover every detail of your interior.

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Customize Sofa


Dubai Floor Centre provides a modern Customize Sofa design that combines form and function in a warm environment. The combination of modern kitchen materials is both enduring and simple to maintain. This straightforward yet unique style is highlighted by a sparsely decorated interior. We take pride in our attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction at our customized sofa Dubai. We provide a comprehensive selection of couch models, patterns, and materials to meet your specific needs and tastes. The Dubai Floor Centre provides a selection of premium customized sofas for individuals wishing to buy the ideal couch for their homes in Dubai. Customers may also personalize their couches in accordance with their distinct aesthetic preferences thanks to the wide variety of styles and colors available. Customers have taken advantage of a chance to save money when they customize their couches at the Dubai Floor Centre because of the pricing range that is available. Customers are assured of happiness with each customized couch they acquire from this business due to the workmanship expertise and attention to detail used in its creation.

Improve Your Interiors With Our Customized Unique Sofa Dubai

Our exquisitely designed, specially made couches are the ideal choice for every premium residential environment and, most significantly, for business needs. They create a statement with decor. We are the top designers of sofas and can help you get your hands on the most distinctive and functional sofa collections in the UAE, which are ideal for any home and workplace décor requirements. Our uniquely designed, bespoke sofas and couches offer great, long-lasting comfort. From fabric selection to final styling, we provide you the option to pick the best material for your needs and way of life before designing the most ideal and practical piece of furniture for you. From one-seaters to those intended for large purposes, we provide every single type and design of custom-made couches. The quality and form of the couch that may fit your interior space rather than the style is often what draws buyers. We have figured out how to give the coziest Custom Sofa Dubai and Sofa Set Design with the touch of design that each client chooses since we are aware of what each customer seeks in a personalized item for his house. With only a simple agreement, we provide 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas, 4 seater sofas, and much more depending on the customer's needs. You may also be interested in our bespoke couch sets for a number of additional reasons.

Different Types of Customized Sofa

Sofa Bed- The sofa cum bed is ideal for both private use and tourist accommodations where space is an issue since, as its name suggests, it doubles as a place to make you feel comfortable.We provide the beautifully designed customized sofa and the most comfortable sofa cum bed in Dubai so that you can live a much more comfortable life. Living in Dubai implies that you desire luxury that is not available anywhere else. The ideal product to fulfill your interior wants and expectations is our sofa bed in Dubai. Thanks to clever modular designs with changeable sofas, countless color and material possibilities, and some with concealed storage, you may discover a nook sofa you can stretch out on in style

L-Shaped Sofa in Dubai

To make your living space more appealing, if you are living a rich lifestyle in Dubai, you would like to add stunning design furniture. Thankfully, our company specializes in the couch industry and offers the best-customized sofa price for you. L-shaped couches of your preferred design and configuration may be delivered right to your door. Nothing makes a space seem cozier than a little curve. The delicately conditioned velvet used in this L-shaped sofa set makes a fluffy yet wonderfully gorgeous piece. One seat is all you'll need to add that delicate shower of magic to the rest of your family room's decor without moving a lot of the furniture.

Customized Sofa Upholstery Dubai

You may decide at some time in your life to reupholster the furniture. You must be searching for Leather Sofa Upholstery Dubai close to where you live, given that you reside in Dubai. In such circumstances, you don't need to worry since we'll always be here to meet your fashion needs. We all recognize the importance of having a Customised Sofa Dubai in every home since it gives people a place to sit. In other words, you always need sofas in your house. The bulk of us, though, want to make sure the cloth is fresh and clean. You should think about utilizing our sofa upholstery to acquire the greatest customized sofa price if you want to obtain the top sofa upholstery service.

Collection of Customize Sofa

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